Den. anosmum ''Honohono"
Den. Nestor
Den. Little Sweet Scent
Den. anosmum
Grown in 4" pots and 6" baskets.

Our uniquely designed green houses make us one of the few
nurseries with the ability to grow large quantities of Den. anosmum.
2012 crop pictured below
Den. anosmum 'Lavender'
4" Pots have 1 to 2 Pendulous canes,

Seven Rocks Orchids
Jerome and Carol Siebenrock
PO Box 990 Kurtistown
Hawaii 96760

Phone: (808) 756-5174
Fax: (888) 875-4846
Den. anosmum in full bloom.
Den. anosmum 6" basket,
in bud.
Den. anosmum 'Lavender'
Den. Little Sweet Scent
Projected Flowering
February, March, April of 2014
Hawaii's Favorite Orchid.
Den. Nestor
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